Dr. Robert James


May Burling

Vice Presidents

Ian Rickard (Senior VP)
Noddy Angelakos
Heather Lamb
Phil Norman
Travis Rickard
Tess Rickard
Gemma Rickard
Stephen Serong
Mark Trezise
Denise Turner

Honorary Secretary/Treasurer

Ronda Jenkins OAM download

Honorary Assistant Secretaries

Jodie Howitt
Olive Ireland
Roslyn Ireland
Leonie Ireland

Life Members

marionBeing a life member is amongst the most prestigious honours as a club member. One of our most decorated life members Marion Patterson OAM was a member of Brunswick Athletics Club for over 60 years, before sadly passing away on 28 February 2018. Marion first joined in the 1956/57 season and has accumulated many accolades a long the way. She helped the club to win premierships, officiated in many international meets, Olympic Games and Commonwealth Games. Marion received her Order Of Australia Medal (OAM) in January 1998 and Australian Sports Award in 2000.

 Margaret Burridge*  June Saunders*  Maisie McQuiston* OAM download
 Marie Allen*  Diane Leonard  Heather Briggs (nee Stott)
 Marion Patterson* OAM download  Sue Bissett  Debbie Rossi
 Ronda Jenkins OAM download  Anne Wallace  Margaret Browne
 Debra Handley  Eileen Guthrie*  Kerrie Dowsing
 Olive Ireland  Anne Troy  May Burling
 Patricia Gartside  Lorraine Smith  Kevin Gartside*
 Barney Oak*  Betty Herron*  Ron Herron
 Jodie Howitt  Shirley Orr  Michelle Micallef
 Meredith Grant  Ian Rickard  Denise Turner
 Kristy Rickard  Roslyn Ireland  Mark Trezise
 Stephen Serong  Julianne Nicholls  Mark Ireland
 Paul Dowsing  Leonie Ireland  Casey Cesarin
 Beccy Comer  Peter Anderson  Michelle Anderson
 Travis Rickard  Chris Howitt  Tess Rickard
 Noddy Angelakos  Gysbert Diepeveen  Gemma Rickard
 Tanya Serong Joan Diepeveen  Ian Ireland
 David Edwards Kyle Baker

OAM download – Order Of Australia Medal


Ronda Jenkins
Ian Rickard


Senior Female – Roslyn Ireland
Senior Male – Travis Ireland
Junior Female – Lauren Howitt
Junior Male – Leo Norman

Vice Captains

Senior Female – Jodie Howitt
Senior Male – Noddy Angelakos
Junior Female – Claire Howitt
Junior Male – n/a