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The first Newsletter for 2018 and a from everyone at the club, Happy New Year to all, may it be very good to you.

Two rounds already gone in 2018, just one to go!

Our last round is at Aberfeldie this coming Saturday, hopefully, our numbers will be better than the last couple of rounds.

Our club duty is on the Pole Vault and we really will need help, so please help even if it is just for a short time. It is a strenuous task, so if there are any dad’s that can assist, it would be much appreciated.

REGISTER HERE (Registrations close: 17 January, 12pm)
Date: Saturday, 20 January
Venues: Aberfeldie (Prog. 1), Casey (Prog. 2), Ballarat (Prog. 1), Bendigo (Prog. 1), Geelong (Prog. 1)
Timetable: view venue timetables

Important dates that we expect members to attend.

  1. Saturday, 10 February – Association Finals: Div 2 Men’s & Women’s teams  (if you have qualified—unfortunately, there are a few that have not)
  2. Sunday, 11 February – Club Championships at 10am at the COBURG TRACK
  3. Saturday, 23 June – Presentation Night at the new venue, The Treacy Centrein Parkville.

We will also require club helpers for the Vic Open Championships at Lakeside, 2-4 March (Friday night, Saturday and Sunday)

Please let Ronda know if you’re willing and able. The club will get fined if we do not supply these helpers. So please volunteer if you can and help out, don’t just leave it up to ‘someone else’.

The excerpt above is from the Hume Leader paper. Well done Stephanie-Jade (far-right).

Grace and Kaye are off to their first day of school on their 5th birthday on January 30th. Have fun girls!

Not sure if Oliver is going to be a pole vaulter or a walker, time will tell…

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