With Round 5 of Shield thunderstruck and cancelled due to bad weather we hope everyone got at least one event in and made their way home from Doncaster safe and sound in the storm.

Travis below trying out our new poles, bright colours, and what a bend…

Of course, they also need to be transported. Ian and Tess Rickard drew the short straws and can be seen further below carrying the poles.

Next round of Shield will be on Sunday! Hopefully, you have already pre-registered. Don’t forget, you must be there to sign in 1 hour prior to your event. If you are going to be late, please call Ian or Ronda and they will sign you in for the first event.

Registrations close: 22 November
Date: Sunday 26 November
Venues: Aberfeldie (Prog. 2), Frankston (Prog. 1), Ballarat (Prog. 1), Bendigo (Prog. 1), Geelong (Prog. 1).
Timetable: view venue timetables

Thanks to everyone who bought a horse in our Melbourne Cup Sweep the other week and congratulation to our all our winners as stated below.

Winners in Sweep 1
1st ($30) Gemma
2nd ($15) May
3rd ($10) Mark Tresize

Winners in Sweep 2
1st ($30) Brunswick Athletics Club
2nd ($15) Gemma
3rd ($10) Claire

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